Forum Rules & Regulations -- Please Read Before You Post!

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Forum Rules & Regulations -- Please Read Before You Post!

Post  Bailey on Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:54 pm

Welcome to The Emily Deschanel Fan Forum! We're glad you're joining us and hope you will find a home here. Smile In order for any group of people to come together and have a meaningful, fun conversation, there have to be a few rules. Please follow these rules, and remember to use common sense when posting; i.e. If you wouldn't want someone to say something to you, don't say it to them.

Be respectful! Of Emily, of the other stars of Bones, of TPTB, of each other!!!

1.) No speculating on Emily's personal life. If she hasn't shared it publicly it isn't kosher to discuss it privately.

2.) No papparrizi type photos or videos. We've all seen them but let's not promote them any further by posting them all over the net.

3.) No name calling, no yelling, no being mean. It's okay to disagree with others posters, in fact it's the essence of a message board. But it's not okay to make things personal. Remember sarcasm does not play well on a forensic platform and it doesn't play well on the internet, be very careful.

4.) No spoilers outside the spoiler area. Some people love them, some people hate them -- and once someone hears a spoiler you can't take it back.

5.) Constructive criticism is one thing. Repeatly stating a negative view in every thread is quite different. Hatred, of Bones, Emily, other posters, or any other form will not be allowed here. Even if that means this board has very few members.

6.) Stay on topic! There are multiple forums/threads ... so there should be a place for everything, try to keep it there.

7.) We all shorten words now and again, and that's fine ... but no posting in all short hand. We're not all like Sweets and we won't be able to understand you.

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