What We Know So Far

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What We Know So Far

Post  Bailey on Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:05 pm

Episode 6.08: The Doctor in the Photo

~ This is the long awaited, much hyped, "Brennan-centric" aka "Brennan solves her own murder" episode.

~ When a woman who's life mirrors Brennan's in many ways is murdered, Brennan starts to see herself when she looks at photographs at the dead woman, and even finds herself having conversations with the corpse.

~ Guest starring, Enrico Colantoni as the security guard that Brennan befriends as she spends several sleepless nights at the lab.

~ Appearance by Hannah.

Episode 6.09: The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

~ Hannah is in this episode, and she gives Booth a frame with a photograph of him and Parker inside.

~ The dead body is melted into his truck after it catches fire.

~ Daisy is the intern.

~ Hannah meets Parker and attempts to "warm up to him."

Episode 6.10 The Bullet in the Brain

~ The new big bad makes his appearance and kills the Gravedigger.

~ The shooter is a trained sniper, who has in the past stolen several idenities, including Booth's.

~ Booth tangles with the shooter at one point in the episode.

~ Booth is looking for Max Kennan, the reasoning isn't clear, but it's possible he's a suspect.

Episode 6.11 The Body in the Bag

~ Hannah and Brennan go out for drinks and discuss Brennan's recent lack of a sexual partner. Hannah tells her she deserves to be happy.

~ Case involves counterfeit purses.

Episode 6.12 The Sins in the Sisterhood

~ The murder of a man with three wives, leads to a very strange family situation when we learn that all three wives were sisters.

~ Cam's boyfriend Paul returns.

~ No mention of Hannah in the sides.

~ Wendell is the intern.

** Please note episode 9 will air prior to the episode 8.

Episode 6.13 The Daredevil in the Mold

~ Sweets is looking for an engagement ring for Daisy, but it appears as if he does not buy one.

~ It seems as if Booth will buy Hannah a ring in this episode, although we do not see him propose.

~ Hannah meets Booth on a bridge, persumably to go off for a nice dinner, as both are "dressed to the nines."

~ Involved stunt bikers.

~ Angela spends lots of time in the field with Booth, as there are very few scenes in the sides with Brennan. She is seen only once in the lab and there is a reference to her watching the guys do stunts on the bikes. The sides are only a small snippet of the script, but this is still unusal as Brennan is typically in the majority of the scenes. This can probably be explained because Emily is set to direct episode 14, and typically when an actor does this they will appear only briefly in the episode prior to the one they direct, because they are spending a great deal of time during the filming of that episode, prepping for the next episode. Ok, well there was probably an easier way to say that, huh? Wink

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Re: What We Know So Far

Post  fooloutofme on Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:24 am

I am so confused right now...I mean, I'm excited about the episode next week, it seems like a huge emotional rollercoaster. The thing is, however, how can I get too excited when even if Brennan does confess her feelings to Booth(which looks like a great possibility from the promos) Hannah is STILL AROUND and with Booth buying rings in episode 6.13. Not cool...
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