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Articles & Interviews 2007

Post  Bailey on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:38 am

Interesting and Quirky interview with Emily and David from 2007


You see, sometimes I’m just minding my own business, hanging out on the Bones set, interviewing the exceptionally gracious and graceful Emily Deschanel and trying to stay out of the way, when David Boreanaz walks into the room, lights up like a lamp at the sight of his costar and does my job for me, all while I sit back, relax and take in the sizzlin’, swoon-worthy hotness. Yes, they actually pay me for this job. And to counterbalance this good fortune, in the next life, I will be toe jam. On a ferret.

Regardless, David did so adorably interrupt my Q&A with Emily, and since I know you Bones fans are chomping at the bit for info, and the show returns tonight on Fox (can I get a "hell, yeah" ?), allow me to share with you our glorious on-set ménage à treat !

Q&A : Emily Deschanel (Dr. Temperance Brennan)

TVGuide: I hope you know I’m going to get very personal...About your character, not you.

Emily: Okay, good-I like that better than personal about me !

T: Where do you stand on the issue of socially retarded Brennan ? Some fans think it’s crazy that she’s never heard of The Flintstones, some think it’s hilarious-what’s your take ?

E: I think it’s absolutely plausible. I’ve known people who have no idea about the stuff in their world-why would they want to waste their brain space with something as ridiculous as, like, Paris Hilton ? Brennan’s got her mind on much more important things, and I appreciate that there are people in the world that are like that.

T: I always imagine she’s an expert in Cambodian pop culture.

E: Exactly !

T: Are you tired of talking about Brennan and Booth ?

E: You mean like, "Will we get together ?" You know, there are a lot of great supporting actors and all these wonderful characters on the show, but it’s kind of like it revolves around the relationship of Booth and Brennan and that’s the way that it is. I’m not tired of talking about it-I’m constantly trying to think of how they can grow in that relationship and change and what she’s learning from Booth and how she’s changed through knowing him and just how we can bring the relationship into any scene that we’re doing.

[At which point David Boreanaz walks up, and since I didn’t have a camera crew with me-curses !-you’ll just have to imagine the heat I’m witnessing.]

David : Oh, it’s aaalways about our relationship. I really think I should be interviewing her. Emily, I’ve got a question for you.

Emily : What’s it like to work with sizzlin’ hot David Boreanaz ?

David : Yeah, what happens when you come into the presence of Booth ?

Emily : I’m amazed that I can remain conscious. It’s amazing I don’t faint.

David : Where would you like your character to go ?

Emily : I would like my character to go to the bathroom.

David : Okay, next year at this time, where do you see the show ?

Emily : I see the show on a distant planet, in an alternate universe

David : Sounds like my mind, 24/7.

Emily : It does ! I think I’ve been influenced by you.

David : She influences me.

Taters, I’m telling you, these two are lightning in a bottle. I so wish you could have been there with us ! But now, a little one-on-one with D.B. ! (Remember : Job = not sucky.)

Q&A : David Boreanaz (Special Agent Seeley Booth)

Okay, I actually have a couple of fan questions for you. Are you game ?

David: Oh, yeah.

T: Hellonurse from California wants to know whether you as an actor think Booth dropped Howard Epps-or did he slip out of his grasp ?

D: I think it was a definite struggle between what’s right and what’s wrong, and maybe if we were to peek into the character’s mind, it was something that he kind of questioned at that particular moment. It’s really an interpretive thing, and something that he worked out with his therapist and maybe will continue to work out-maybe he doesn’t really know the answer to that, I think. That’s a good question, hellonurse !

T: This one is from Maryjo. Will we be seeing any more from Booth’s backstory-his war, his gambling problem, his family ?

D: Oh, yeah-with my character, there’s so much more to explore, and I think that the two characters, Booth and Bones, kind of live vicariously through each other’s past and present. So, her past will open up his past ; his past will open up her past, vice versa, and I think that’s what the relationship’s about. We’ll definitely get into more about maybe his father, next season, his grandfather and the effects of his relationship with his family.

T: Speaking of Brennan, what do you think Booth doesn’t get from her that he consciously or subconsciously wants ?

D:He really likes to push her buttons and watch her get rattled. That is such a high thing for him, and where that develops is always open for interpretation, I guess.

T: Last but not least, RosieBug asks, Who do you think will eventually make the first move : Booth or Brennan ?

D: We’ve already made our first move-the both of us. I think it’s continuous moves, not really one or the other. We’re always outdoing each other in that department. You can see that we’re making moves every time we do a scene ; it’s just a matter of putting that into cement, or whether that should be put into cement-who knows ?


Did anyone else notice that bolded part about the alternate universe? This interview was done about a year or two before they did that season four finale, which was set in an alternate universe. Coincidence? Hmmmmm .... Lol

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Re: Articles & Interviews 2007

Post  Bailey on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:34 pm

Article with Emily from Women's Health Magazine in April 2007

Interview with Emily Deschanel
When the star of Fox's hit TV show Bones isn't memorizing terms like "proximal phalanges," she's hanging with sister Zooey Deschanel, hitting the treadmill, and turning costars into vegans
Sarah Miller

Emily Deschanel is 10 minutes late. Rushing through the door of a West Hollywood café in a short, flowy dress and 4-inch heels, she looks slim, gorgeous, and worried. "I am so sorry," she says. "I hope you weren't waiting long."

Okay, so she's clearly no diva, though given her famous family, that would be no surprise. Her dad is Oscar-nominated cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, who shot The Right Stuff and Apocalypse Now. Her mom is actress Mary Jo Weir, and her sister is starlet Zooey. But over the past 6 years, Deschanel, 30, has built up a résumé of her own, starting with a small role in the 2002 miniseries Rose Red, which led to bit parts in Cold Mountain and Spider-Man 2 and appearances on a smattering of TV dramas. In 2005, she finally scored the lead in the genuinely hair-raising Boogeyman.

Now she's forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan on Bones, a role that allows her to play a three-dimensional human. "I love that she's a strong, intelligent woman who has flaws," says Deschanel, referring to Brennan's tendency to treat victims like math problems. Lack of emotion isn't an issue in her real life: She's too sensitive to eat a hamburger and has cried over missing a line. Good thing she's toughening up...

I assume those heels aren't leather, because you're a vegan, right?
They're by Stella McCartney. All of her shoes are vegan. I've been a vegan for about 15 years. I went to a pretty liberal high school, and we watched Diet for a New America [a 1987 exposé on how food choices affect health and the environment]. And I just stopped eating and wearing animal products after that.

Did you grow up in one of those no sugar-cereal families?
Totally. No sugar cereal. Hot dogs with no nitrates. We weren't allowed to have McDonald's. When the babysitter came, we could have Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Would you ever throw paint on anyone's fur coat?
No. But I think I can convince anyone to become a vegetarian. [Bones costar] David Boreanaz used to make fun of me for being a vegan, but then I started giving him vegan food to eat, and he loves it. Now he tries to eat vegetarian 1 day a week.

Do you practice yoga too?
I used to, but now I'm so busy that it stresses me out. All I can think the whole time is, "How long am I going to be here?" The last class I took was with my sister, who, by the way, used to be annoyed that I was so into yoga. The teacher was so slow I wanted to strangle her. That's not very Zen!

So how do you manage to fit into all those cute pants you wear on the show?
I have a treadmill, and I work out with my trainer, Julie Diamond, as often as possible. She's so positive. She's never like, "Move your fat butt!" It's more like, "Think of how you'll feel when you're in great shape." And she's right. There are weeks when I don't exercise at all, and I don't feel good.

What motivates you to get on the treadmill?
For me, it always has to be about health. That's why I'm a vegan. Well, I don't even do that for my health entirely, I do it for animals. The point is, there always has to be a better reason than looking good, or I won't stick with it.

Your Bones character strives for perfection. Do you?
Yes, especially when I first started the show. It was a very emotional time for me personally. I had just gone through a breakup, and I had started this big job that demanded a lot of me. After 15-hour days and no sleep, if I didn't know a line I would just break down crying. Now I'm a lot more understanding of myself.

Were you always a perfectionist?
I was a hostess in a restaurant in New York when I was 21, and I was too good of an employee. I was putting most of my energy into that instead of acting. But my father told my sister and me to look at whatever needed to be done and do that job well, no matter what it was.

What else do you and your sister have in common?
We both tend not to pay much attention to what's socially acceptable, and we like to do crazy stuff. We both love to dance and will dance whenever, wherever, whether there's music playing or not. My whole family is very sarcastic and constantly making jokes.

How are you two different?
In seventh grade this kid didn't invite Zooey to his bar mitzvah. And she went right up to him and shouted, "Why didn't you invite me to your bar mitzvah?" I just love that. She is fearless. I would have called my mom crying.

Is your mother a good shoulder to cry on?
She's wonderful and sympathetic, but she's not just going to listen to you complain. Whenever I was considering giving up acting entirely, she'd remind me that life is hard and that the world doesn't owe you anything. You have to work your butt off to get your dreams. She'll make you take action — which I think is a good thing. You can enable people to wallow if you just listen and don't encourage them to change.

You must be pretty fearless too.
Yes, because acting is 99 percent rejection. I really wanted this role in Bones, but I've had to learn not to be too invested so I don't collapse on the floor when something doesn't work out. But I was definitely jumping around my apartment when I got it.

Your career is taking off. How's the personal life?
I have a boyfriend — he's British, a screenwriter, and a vegetarian. We've been together for over a year. We met through friends and would see each other here and there, and later he asked me to coffee.

Wedding bells?
We don't even live together — we've really taken it slow. I think a lot of women can lose themselves in a relationship and forget who they are and what they want. I've definitely done it. I don't make time for myself, or I make little compromises. I think women feel obligated to compromise. That can be a good thing, but often we take it too far. I had a boyfriend who smoked around me all the time. I respected his choice, but I gave up something very important to me — my health. You give and give, and one day you realize you gave up things you need. Or you just never asked for them. I don't want to do that right now. My sister and I just bought a duplex together in West Hollywood, and I think it's time to just have some fun.

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Re: Articles & Interviews 2007

Post  Bailey on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:44 pm

'Bones' Conference Call with Star Emily Deschanel
Monday, September 24, 2007


Bones, the procedural drama with a darkly humorous twist, is set to premiere tomorrow night at 8pm. Emily Deschanel, who plays Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan gave a press conference call today in which she discussed costar David Boreanaz's lowbrow sense of humor, her family and what it was like working with her father.

Read on to find out some of the highlights from today's conference call.

-David Boreanaz is the funniest guy on set. He always cracks everyone up by doing silly voices and goofing around in general. He is whoopy cushions and remote-controlled fart machines that he sets off on people. Emily Deschanel is often a victim of his horseplay.

-The last season of Bones ended with some serious cliffhangers. Although Emily Deschanel could not tell us exactly how they are going to be resolved, she did say that the whole image of Bones and Booth at the altar was very disconcerting for both characters, and it will be a source of tension between the two in season 3. Angela and Hodgins will go looking for the man she married years ago. Zack comes back from Iraq but he was discharged early and they are not sure how long he gets to stay. Cam is no longer seeing Booth, but she does ask him to pretend to be her boyfriend for her dad's birthday party. Booth and Brennan go to couple's therapy based on FBI orders.

-Emily thinks that the question of Bones and Booth getting together is a dangerous one for the show. She thinks that it's possible that their chemistry is what holds the show together. She says that the producers and writers are aware of the potential downfall at prematurely bringing them together, but at the same time, they don't want to leave the characters in the same holding pattern that they've been in.

-Emily Deschanel is a mixture of the Bones and Booth characters. In school, math and science were her favorite subjects, but she says that she is definitely still a people person. She does like to recharge by being alone, but she also enjoys socializing as well. In her spare time, she likes to read, hike and fix up her house.

-The actors on Bones have input in the writing of the show. There is a dialogue between the writers, producers and actors, and everyone is encouraged to voice opinions. They only take a couple of takes on any given scene before moving on to the next one. Emily Deschanel likes working like that because it makes them all work hard to make sure all takes are good takes.

-Emily is excited that the show is moving to Tuesday nights and will be paired with House. She thinks Bones and House make a good pair because they are both about doctors who are prickly on the outside.

-Emily grew up with a family of actors. Her mother and sister are actors and her father is a cinematographer. She's not sure that she inherited her creative talent from her parents, but she was exposed to acting from an early age and gained a love for cinema from her parents.

-Working on the episode that her father, Caleb Deschanel, directed was both nerve-wracking and wonderful for Emily. She was very nervous on the first day because she was afraid that he would embarrass her or that she would embarrass him. But after that, though, they both had a great time. It was nice to work with her father as a peer, and sometimes she's take his direction but other times she wouldn't. He is going to come back to direct another episode in November.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Re: Articles & Interviews 2007

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