Articles & Interviews 2005-2006

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Articles & Interviews 2005-2006

Post  Bailey on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:24 pm

A Week in the Life of Emily Deschanel

From October/November 2006


David Boreanaz - "Bones" Tv Series - Emily Deschanel’s week
Alice Wyllie

dimanche 5 novembre 2006, par Webmaster


I was up at 4am to get to the TV studio for 5am, where I went straight into hair and makeup. Then it was into rehearsals with my Bones co-star David Boreanaz. We spent the day filming a couple of scenes, and as usual didn’t get away until 9pm. Filming can be a slow and quite intense process, and I don’t get home until late. This evening, I had to dash back out again - I wanted to see Michaela Conlin, who plays Angela on Bones, in a play she’s in called Doubt.


In the morning I did a photo-shoot and a couple of promotional interviews, before going for lunch with a representative for a charity I support which rescues farm animals. After lunch, I went for a massage with my mum at a hot spring in LA. I went into the studio for rehearsals in the afternoon, and when I got home I went straight to bed in preparation for another early rise in the morning.


Tony Wharmby, the producer of Bones, has been directing an episode this week, and he knows the show so well that we got out at 8pm, which is almost unheard-of. I took advantage of the opportunity and went out with my friend to a launch party for a new fashion designer in LA. It was a lovely night, but since it was a fashion party, no-one was eating the cake, so my friend asked the organisers if we could take it home. It was hilarious leaving the party carrying the cake between us.


We are due to start filming an episode of Bones directed by David Duchovny, so we all went into a meeting with him in the morning to discuss the episode. David was absolutely hilarious, so much fun and really great to work with. We have a new director for every episode, which took a while to get used to. Actually, my dad [director Caleb Deschanel] is going to be directing an episode soon, and David Boreanaz keeps teasing me about it.


I was working all day and trying to learn my lines in between takes. We don’t get much down time, just 15 minutes here and there, so I grab the opportunity to learn my lines whenever I can - I prefer to learn them during the day so I can keep my evenings free. I spent the evening relaxing in front of the television with my boyfriend. I’m obsessed with Project Runway at the moment, so I caught up on an episode that I had missed.

The weekend

It was my birthday on Saturday, so I had a little get-together with some friends. I’m a vegan so I served lots of vegan food and forced all my friends to eat it. People tend to be quite sceptical about vegan food, but everyone loved it when they tried it, or at least they told me they did. On Sunday, I was in more rehearsals for Bones, then in the evening I went out to a friend’s dinner party.

• Bones returns to Sky One from 16 November at 9pm.


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Re: Articles & Interviews 2005-2006

Post  Bailey on Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:06 pm

Entertainment Weekly interview about Boogeyman


Emily Deschanel
Q&A with ''Boogeyman'' star Emily Deschanel -- The actress and Zooey's sister talks about the surprising success of the horror film

By Gregory Kirschling | May 30, 2005
The star of Boogeyman — and Zooey's big sis — chats with EW.

Were you surprised that the movie opened so huge?
I was shocked. I never saw it till it came out. There was no premiere or anything, so I went with a bunch of friends.

You actually get to say, ''Hello, anybody home?''
I know! My friend was like, Did you get to do any classic horror scenes? And I was like, Yes, I get to do a scene where I walk through the house and say, ''HELLO? Is anybody home?'' [Laughs]

I didn't think a PG-13 movie could be scary.
I don't find it scary. I watch it and I'm like, That was the day we played a practical joke on the camera assistant. But my sister had to sleep with the lights on!

You and Zooey aren't like Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland, are you? They didn't speak.
Really? That's terrible. But no. We're going to a Ben Lee concert tonight. We're really close.


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Re: Articles & Interviews 2005-2006

Post  Bailey on Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:08 pm

TV Guide take on the first ever Bones press tour


11:38 This session gets off to horrendous start when the reporter next to me, cueing her tape recorder to the right spot, plays it full blast — busting the eardrums of everyone around her. How rude!

11:38:10 It's still blasting! People from all over the room are beginning to shoot daggers at her. Just as I'm about to grab that tin of Goldfish crackers in my goodie bag and chuck it at her head, it dawns on me… maybe she's deaf.

11:39:40 She finally shuts the thing off, just in time for the session to start.

11:40 Oh, for the love of all that is good and holy: We're back to introducing and miking up the panel after the clip presentation. Has no one at Fox read my diaries? Sheesh.

11:41 Oh, my god — it's Angel!!!!!!!!!

11:45 Who says you never learn anything useful at press tour? "One of the interesting things I found out in researching this series was that if you want to kill someone and get away with it, don't bury them," reveals executive producer Hart Hanson. "Just take them out to the desert and toss them there, and the animals will take care of it in two or three days — depending on the acidity of the ground." Good to know.

11:50 Is David Boreanaz's leading lady, Emily Deschanel, a Naval Academy grad? Because she's got amazing posture.

11:50:30 Nope, she went to Boston University. Maybe she has a rod in her back.

12:03 pm This session is starting to make my bones hurt.

12:05 A reporter asks Boreanaz how his character's dynamic with Deschanel is different from Angel's relationship with Buffy. "I can actually go to bed with this one [without losing my soul]," he cracks.

12:11 In a rare moment of press-tour candor, Boreanaz reveals that one of the reasons his first meeting with Hanson didn't go well was because his future employer "started talking about Angel… and I really was not into talking about that." That noise you hear is riots breaking out in the Buffyverse.

12:15 It's time to hand out today's "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" award, which goes to the reporter who asked Hanson, "This is the first show I watched, so — and so I kind of forgot, but [former X-Files boss man] Mitch Pileggi's in the pilot, right?" "No," the exec replies, "that's John Jackson." That one's gonna be tough to top. Congratulations to today's winner!


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Re: Articles & Interviews 2005-2006

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